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Because We’re More than Eyes and Hair!


I think 90% of writers will agree that in their first drafts of their first pieces, they’d describe a character like “she had blonde hair and green eyes” and leave it at that. I’m guilty of it, I’ll admit. But why not have some great, specific descriptions that flesh out your characters and how others perceive them?!

A quick note about eyes: In all honesty, eye color isn’t always apparent. Eyes may look dark from a distance, and you only realize they’re a deep blue when you get closer. Don’t feel like you have to mention eye color right away. It can be something mentioned later, when your characters have a soulful heart to heart.

Btw, I threw this list together in about 10 minutes so I’m sure there are other things that could be added. Feel free to comment or message me, and I’ll add them to the master list.

  • Hair
    • Long
    • Short
    • Wavy
    • Curly
    • Frizzy
    • Straight
    • Choppy
    • Thick
    • Thin
    • Braided
    • Tied up
    • Loose
    • Wild
  • Face
    • Long
    • Narrow
    • Wide
    • Round
    • Oval
  • Eyes
    • Round
    • Narrow
    • Squinty
    • Deep-set
    • Small
    • Beady
    • Oval
  • Nose
    • Narrow
    • Pinched               
    • Wide
    • Flat
    • Crooked
    • Hooked
    • Pointed
    • Large
    • Dainty
  • Cheeks
    • Rosy
    • Ashen
    • Ruddy
    • Freckled
    • Round
    • Gaunt
    • Pronounced (cheekbones)
    • Bronzed
    • Tanned
    • Dimpled
    • full
  • Chin
    • Sharp
    • Round
    • Cleft
    • Pointed
  • Jaw
    • Square
    • Round
    • Straight
    • Strong
  • Lips
    • Full
    • Plump
    • Thin
    • Pinched 
  • Body (build, frame)
    • Slight
    • Willowy
    • Scrawny
    • Tall
    • Bulky
    • Average
    • Large
    • Stout
    • Curvy
    • Shapely
    • Straight
    • Bony

I also claimed stuff like this will help with characterization. I’ll give an example. For a body frame, “scrawny” and “willowy” mean kinda the same thing—someone with a thin, slight built. If your character is describing the girl they’ve had a crush on forever, they’d probably use a word like “slender” or “willowy,” because they’re fond of her. A longtime rival or enemy might stick to words with a negative connotation, like “scrawny” or “bony.” For someone they’ve just met, the terms will probably be more neutral. Consider how your narrator thinks of the person they’re describing, and how that’ll affect the words they use!

I’ll include some examples…?

  • Ignoring his warning, I stepped back towards Liam and the barely-contained Suni. She was pretty, now that I got a good look at her standing up. She was half a foot shorter than my own 5’6”, with shapely curves hinted at even with her loose clothing. Maybe a bit chubby by today’s toothpick thin standards, but more with muscle than fat. Strong cheekbones and full lips accented her long mahogany face, but it was her eyes that dominated her features. Sharp aqua eyes that were fixed on Kent. If looks could kill.
  • Kent was back at my side as the knight-armored man turned to face us. Although still young, he had to be at least ten years older than me, with a broad face and warm green topaz eyes staring down a surprisingly dainty nose. Deep, carrot-red hair framed his face. When he smiled, it was kind and genuine, and it dimpled his sun-kissed cheeks.
  • “Hey, girl,” she said, grinning in a way that showed she was trying to be in with the teen slang. She was blonde like my dad, but shorter and with a little more weight around her neck and cheeks, since she didn’t have to appear on national television all the time. There was also a sparkle to her eyes and an air of carelessness in her frazzled, tied back hair and the dimpled smile of her cheeks—features I’d never see from Dad (frazzled and smiling, I mean), who was always the perfect News Anchor Ethan Cresswell.

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